DJCAD BDes Animation 2018

City of Glasgow HNC Illustration 2015

Keilidh is a Scottish animator about to complete her honours year at DJCAD, Dundee. For this she is directing a team of people to produce a short film, inspired by her experience as an artist/student and Scandinavian folklore. 

Her specialisms are 2D animation and character design, and she is qualified in Illustration. She also has the generalist skills of storyboarding, compositing, light 2D VFX, pixel art and background painting. 

Alongside art, her biggest passion in life is nature. A trip to the zoo at three years old inspired her to pick up a pencil and her work has been inspired by wildlife ever since. 

In the same year she got her first Gameboy and, to the disappointment of her Gran, didn't outgrow Pokemon after all. She is particularly interested in indie/small games, as they tend to have more artistic freedom and less conventional design choices.

Keilidh loves the outdoors, mythology, folklore and cryptids, ice skating, swimming, horse riding, video & board games, Dungeons & Dragons and piano covers of video game music.